Person in charge: Dr M.S.N. CARPENTER, Freelance Translator

Collaborators/trainees: A. LE MEUR, S. LAGADEC, A. JACQUET, N-L. POUIVE : Université de Rennes II.


Developed with TERMEX database manager, converted to MULTITERM environment.

Distribution agreement signed with "European  Language Resources Distribution Agency ",

55-57 rue Brillat Savarin, PARIS 75013

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Nature of work in progress : terminological databases available on computer disk (subject  areas:  GEOSCIENCES, 2 960 terms ; HYDROGEOLOGY,  400 terms;  SOIL SCIENCE,  450  terms – if required, these blocks of entry terms can be merged with  NEOBASE or presented separately as resources in their own right.

Field types: administrative data; antonyms; abbreviations, contexts, cross-references, definitions; examples; grammatical  label; local spelling variants; notes;  sources;  sub-domains; symbols; synonyms.



Extended version of ELRA-T0090 NEWBASE.

The terms were selected and collated by Dr M.S.N. CARPENTER during the course of his translation and editing activities, and cover a wide range of different disciplines within the earth sciences. This database is intended for the use of researchers, translators and technical writers who require a working tool as well as a reliable source of information; the terms have been validated by publication in the scientific literature. Conceived as a bilingual terminological resource, this database may be considered not only as an aid to scientific writing but also as a guide for the training of non-specialist translators. In addition, it is suitable for use in the development of translation memory systems.

Field types: administrative data; antonyms; abbreviations, contexts, cross-references, definitions; examples; grammatical label; local spelling variants; notes; sources; sub-domains areas; symbols; synonyms.

Main subject areas: GEOLOGY; structural geology; geochemistry; stratigraphy; sedimentology; geochronology; geophysics; seismology; physical geography; petrography; palaeontology; volcanology; marine geology; hydrogeology.

The database contains the following information :

See an extract of the index  


French-English hydrogeology terminology compiled by Dr M.S.N. CARPENTER from "Water wells: implementation, maintenance and restoration" (author: Michel DETAY, 1996, coeditor John Wiley, Chichester, U.K.).

Subject areas include: groundwater hydraulics, hydrology, water chemistry.

For more details, see description of Water Wells terminology


French-English pedology terminology, extracted from an index file supplied by Mme BOUROCHE, INRA (corrections to "Dictionnaire de l'Agriculture, CILF, 1999) and merged with trainee project work to form database .

Subject areas include: soil science, soil mechanics, geomorphology, geology, physical geography, meteorology, hydrology, hydrography, mineralogy. 


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