2 960 French main entry terms
2 031 definitions in French (60% of total terms have at least one definition)
   175 contexts extracted from learned articles
   170 examples of specific terms related to main entry terms
   549 technical notes, observations or remarks
   733 close equivalents or other usages of main entry terms
   248 synonyms in French
     37 spelling variants in French
     40 antonyms in French
   760  cross-references to French entry terms
 2 965 translation equivalents in English
   940 definitions in English (ca. 780 paired with French definitions on same card)
     54 contexts
   132 examples
   221 technical notes
1 075 close equivalents or other usages of main entry terms
   307 synonyms in English
   128 local spelling variants
     35 antonyms
   573 cross-references to English main entry terms

   479 cards extracted in toto from cited bibliographic sources
   740 cards signed by person responsible (terminologist/trainee)
2 211 citations of bibliographic sources

Main sources used for compilation of terminological records:

  CILF, Banque des Mots 8 et 25 (Géotechnique; Glissements de terrains)
  CILF, Banque des Mots 30 (Vocabulaire de la sismologie)
  CILF, Banque des Mots 37 (Erosion - Transport - Sédimentation : RAMPON)
  CILF, Banque des Mots 39 (Nodules polymétalliques : JÄGER)
  CILF, Banque des Mots 44 (Vocabulaire de la sismologie)
  CILF, Banque des Mots (Vocabulaire de la tectonique: NICOLAS)
  CILF, Vocabulaire de la Géomorphologie, 1979
  CILF, Dictionnaire de l'Environnement, 1992
  GUILLE et al., 1995 - Monograph "The Atolls of Mururoa and Fangataufa (French
  Polynesia) I. Geology, Petrology and Hydrogeology" CEA/DIRCEN
  MERLE, 1994 - "Nappes et chevauchements..." Editions Masson
  French Technical Dictionary, 1994  - Routledge
Other cited sources:

  MOUREAU & BRACE, 1993 - "Comprehensive Dictionary of Petroleum Science
  and Technology",  Editions Technip
  MICHEL, FAIRBRIDGE & CARPENTER, 1997 "Dictionary of Earth Sciences,
  English-French/French-English", Masson
  BOYER & MARI, 1997 - "Seismic surveying and well logging", Editions Technip
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  HOLMES, 1965 - "Principles of Physical Geology", Nelson
  GILLULY et al., 1968 - "Principles of Geology", Freeman

Synopsis of maximalist record card


<Date de création>                    Date of record creation
<Créé par>                                Responsibility for research/creation
<Date de modification>              Date of updating
<Modifié par>                            Responsibility for updating
<Classement de la fiche>            Record status


<Nº de la fiche>
<Source fiche>                           Source text for all information on card


    <Français>                    indexed term, with polysemy filtered by grammar or usage in different subject areas
    <1GRM>                     attribute: grammatical label
    <1VAR>                      attribute: spelling variants in French
    <1SFO>                       attribute: short form or abbreviation in French
    <1SYM>                      attribute: symbol


    <Domaine 1>               subject area/field of application of first homonym
    <Domaine 2>               subject area/field of application of second homonym

    <Déscripteur>               non-definitive description or element
    <Définition 1>               definition of concept in first subject area
    <Définition 2>               definition of concept in second subject area
                                        <SRC> attribute:  reference to bibliographic source used
    <Contexte>                  textual exerpt containing French main entry term
                                        <SRC> attribute: source of context

    <Note>                       technical remarks, restrictions, usage
    <p.ex.>                       specific examples (isonyms) related to broader concept
    <Terme approché>     close equivalents or other acceptable forms,  numbered by subject area where this applies
    <1SYN>                    attribute: synonym in French (only one per card)
    <1ANT>                    attribute: antonym in French  (cross-reference to another main entry term)
    <Voir aussi>               cross-reference to another card for further information; points to terms that should be  compared (cf.)


    <English>                    ndexed English main entry term, homonyms  filtered by usage in numbered subject areas
    <English 1>                 English entry term, other form group
    <0VAR>                    attribute: spelling variants labelled with (UK), (US)
    <0SFO>                     attribute: short form or abbreviation in English
    <0SYM>                    attribute: symbol
    <Subject>                   subject area
    <Definition>                definition in English
    <Context>                   context in English
    <e.g.>                         examples in English
    <Remark>                   remark in English
    <Close equivalent>      close equivalent, or other acceptable forms numbered by subject area where this applies
    <0SYN>                     synonym  in English (one only per card)
    <0ANT>                     antonym in English
    <See also>                  indexed cross-reference to another main English term

Further comments: Specific terms related to the main entry term are tagged as examples. Polysemy is filtered according to grammar and/or usage in a particular sub-domain. Multiple translation equivalents in different sub-domains are each treated as an other form group (English target language).