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English-French micro-lexicon of analytical biochemistry, extracted from database compiled by M.S.N. CARPENTER and DGCCRF technicians, September 1993-April 1994, file of 408 bench-level starting records

Data structure: 

Subject area, short form, definition or meaning, exerpt showing term in context, example, variant, synonym, alternative form, observation, cross-reference : vedette; grammaire; abbréviation;  définition; exemples spécifiques; équivalent; note technique; renvoi (cf.), bibliographic source for record

absorbance maximum : ?absorbance maximale; l.f., HEWLETT-PACKARD

absorptivity, HEWLETT-PACKARD

acceptable level : concentration admissible

accuracy, accuracy of the method : justesse; n.f., AGARWAL

achromatic lens system, HEWLETT-PACKARD

activity, activity increasing on adsorption column, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

acute intake, VAN EGMOND

adduct, chemistry, a chemical compound, molecule, etc. formed by direct combination of two or more compounds, molecules or elements (LONGMAN), TMS (silylation) and BBA (boronation) derivatives, adduction, product formed by addition of derivatization reagent to compound, derivatization reagent : adduit, n.m.; SALTRON; composé d'addition, l.m., ROUTLEDGE; réactif de dérivation

adjuvant, additive : adjuvant, PARAF

administer,, the protein was administered to mouse skin, a drug can be administered by injection or orally : appliquer; injecter, PARAF

aflatoxin, group of very poisonous substances produced by moulds and which cause liver cancer, aflatoxins B, G and M, the species of mould "Aspergillus flavus" grows in badly stored peanuts, VAN EGMOND

aggregation, dénaturation : agglomération, PARAF

agonist, a chemical substance capable of combining with a receptor on the surfaceof a cell and iniating a reaction, especially associated with nerve cells, antagonist, McCARTHY

air dry : séchage à air, VARIAN

alcoholic , alcoholic KOH soution, ethanolic, ethanolic pyrogallol solution, AGARWAL

allergenic, capable of elliciting a an allergic or anaphylactic immune response, PARAF

alternating current signal, ac signal, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

ambient temperature : température ambiante, AGARWAL

amino acid residue : résidu d'acides aminés; l.m., PARAF

amount of sample : quantité d'échantillon; l.f., HADDEN & ZAMARONI

analphylactic immune response, PARAF

analyte : substance à analyser, McCARTHY

analytical grade, l.adj., Analar (BDH Trade Mark) : qualité pour analyse quantitative, AGARWAL

anaphylaxis, a class of hypersensitivity response (type 1) in which a massive release of inflamatory mediators results from re-exposure to an antigenic substance, passive cutaneous analphylaxix (PCA) : anaphylaxie, PARAF

animal feedstuff : aliment de bétail, VAN EGMOND

antibody : anticorps; n.m., PARAF

antigen-binding site : site de fixation de l'antigène, PARAF

aqueous, aqueous KOH solution; solution aqueuse de potasse, AGARWAL

assess, : estimer; évaluer, McCARTHY

asthma, a common condition characterized by persistent inflamatory changes in the bronchii resulting in variable airway calibre and clinical hypereactivity, McCARTHY

attentuation, AGARWAL

authenticity testing : contrôle d'identification

automatic wavelength switching : balayage automatique des longueurs d'onde, HEWLETT-PACKARD

autosampler : passeur automatique d'échantillon, VARIAN

backup solvent, VARIAN

bad column : mauvaise colonne; l.f., HADDEN & ZAMARONI

bandwidth : fenêtre, HEWLETT-PACKARD

baseline : ligne de base; l.m., AGARWAL

baseline separation, McCARTHY

baseline stepping : ligne de base avec paliers, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

base peak, GC/MS, peak of a mass spectrum that serves as a standard for comparison or from which measurements can be taken, main peak : pic de base; l.m., SMITH & UDSETH

ß2-adrenoreceptor, McCARTHY

binding, a loss of binding of particular MAbs, PARAF

brittle asthma, type of asthma where the variations in airway flow are considerable and unpredictable despite maximal treatment : asthme instable, McCARTHY

bronchitis : bronchite; n.f., McCARTHY

broncodilator, pharmacology, drug used to dilate airway calibre, used in combination with ß2-agonists and inhaled steroids in the maximal treatment of asthma : broncodilateur; n.m., McCARTHY et al

buffer, substance capable of neutralizing both acids and alkalis in a solution and thereby maintaining the original pH of the solution : tampon, McCARTHY

build-up : accumulation, HADDEN & ZAMARONI


calibration vial : fiole d'étalonnage; flacon d'étalonnage, VARIAN

capture, the action of binding to and being separated from the bulk sample, the substrate (NOA or PHDOA) is captured, PARAF

carboxymethylated, adj. : carboxymethylé, PARAF

carrousel : carrousel; n.m., VARIAN

carryover : contamination inter-échantillon; effet mémoire d'un échantillon à un autre, VARIAN

cell path length, HEWLETT-PACKARD

centrifuge tube, conical centifuge tubes with glass stoppers, used for isomerization, graduated conical centrifuge tubes, used for collection of vitamin D fraction from LC cleanup step, AGARWAL

check-valve, basic liquid chromatography : clapet; n.m., HADDEN & ZAMARONI

chemical ionization, GC/MS, CI, mode of ionization brought about by chemical reaction with reagent gas in the source, negative ion CI, positive ion CI, electron impact : ionization chimique; l.f.; ionisation à l'intérieur d'une source induite par réaction chimique, SMITH & UDSETH

chromatographic column, AGARWAL

chromatographic signal, UV/VIS spectrophotometry, absorbance as a function of time, difference between absorbance at a sample wavelength and absorbance at reference wavelength, HEWLETT-PACKARD

chronic intake, VAN EGMOND

clean : nettoyer (à sec), HADDEN & ZAMARONI

cleanup, AGARWAL

cleavage, chemistry : coupure; n.f.; réactions de coupure en ß, SALTRON

clockwise : horaire, VARIAN

coagulation : coagulation; prise en masse, PARAF

column back-pressure : pression en arrière qui maintient l'écoulement d'éluant, McCARTHY

column bleed, displacement of static phase in GC and LC; perte ou déplacement de phase stationnaire en GC/LC; degradation, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

column pressure, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

communications processor, HEWLETT-PACKARD

concentration of solvent : concentration du solvant, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

configuration menu, VARIAN

conformation, PARAF

conformational, PARAF

contamination, foreign matter on optics or in cells, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

continuous spectrum, HEWLETT-PACKARD

continuous subcutaneous infusion, CSIT, type of treatment involving slow introduction of drug beneath skin, McCARTHY

co-prescribe, : coprescrire, McCARTHY

corn meal, VAN EGMOND

cottonseed meal, VAN EGMOND

counterclockwise : antihoraire, VARIAN

crimp-top closure : sertissage; sertir par le haut, VARIAN

cross-reactivity : susceptible aux réactions croisées, PARAF

cyanogen bromide cleavage : coupure bromure de cyanogène, PARAF

damping control, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

dark current : courant de bruit de fond; courant de ligne de base, HEWLETT-PACKARD

data acquisition processor, DAP : unité de traitement des données, HEWLETT-PACKARD

default value : valeur par défaut, VARIAN

degas, degas solvent : dégazer, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

denaturation, aggregation : dénaturation; agglomération, PARAF

derivatization reagent, derivatizing reagent, adduct : réactif de dérivation; adduit, AGARWAL

derivatization technique, derivatizing reagent : technique de dérivation, AGARWAL

detector cell assembly : ensemble cellule détecteur, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

determination, quantitative analysis, assay, analytical method, quantitation : dosage; n.m.; analyse quantitative; l.f.; détermination, AGARWAL

deuterium gas discharge lamp : lampe à deutérium, HEWLETT-PACKARD

diferential scanning calorimetry, PARAF

differential thermal analysis, DTA, PARAF

diode-array detector : détecteur à barrettes de diodes, HEWLETT-PACKARD

direct fluid injection, GC/MS analysis, DFI, introduction of vapourized effluent from the chromatograph via an interface (i.e. heated probe) into the chemical ionization source of a mass spectrometer, DFI is used for efficient transfer of chemical compounds to the ion source, and for acquisition of mass spectra under mild thermal conditions, supercritical fluid chromatography : injection directe du fluide; l.f.; chromatographie à fluide supercritique, SMITH & UDSETH

disassemble, take machine or apparatus apart, dismantle : démanteler, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

disposable : jettable, VARIAN

disulphide bridge : pont disulphure, PARAF

divided subcutaneous doses, McCARTHY

downslope, shoulder or fall from peak, HEWLETT-PACKARD

dual solvent reservoir, VARIAN

electron impact, EI, mode of ionization using collision with accelerated electrons, cf. chemical ionization : impact électronique; l.m., SALTRON et al., 1994

electrophoretic, adj. : électrophorétique, PARAF

eluate, monitor eluate : éluat, AGARWAL

elute, vtr : éluer, AGARWAL

emphysema, McCARTHY

empirical formula, chemistry, a chemical formula showing the simplest ratio of elements in a compound rather than the total number of atoms in the molecule (LONGMAN), CH2O is the empirical formula for glucose, empiric formula (HARRAP'S SCIENCE DICTIONARY, 1985), do not confuse with structural formula or rational formula, structural formula : formule brute; n.f.;   une fois la formule [brute] de R établie...SALTRON; formule empirique; à ne pas confondre avec formule développée; cf. formule structurale

ending point, tail (of peak), end-point (of titration), AGARWAL

end of peak, HEWLETT-PACKARD

enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, ELISA, PARAF

epitope, three-dimensional site on an antigenic substance to which an antibody will bind : épitope, PARAF

evaporate to dryness, l.v., AGARWAL

excess reagent, AGARWAL

exposure assessment, VAN EGMOND

exposure route : mode d'exposition, VAN EGMOND

extraction, solvent extraction : extraction par solvant, AGARWAL

extrusion cooking : procédé d'extrusion, PARAF

fermentation starter culture : culture de départ; type d'innoculate, PARAF

flashback : ?reflux, VARIAN

flow cell : cuvette; type de cellule dans laquelle il y a débit de fluide, HEWLETT-PACKARD

flow rate, column flow : débit; n.m., AGARWAL

flow system : circuit liquide, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

fluorescence detection : détection par fluorescence, McCARTHY

folding : replis; enroulement, PARAF

food adulteration, PARAF

food allergen : substance allergène alimentaire, PARAF

food allergy : cow's milk allergy (CMA); allergie alimentaire, PARAF

food intolerance reaction, coeliac disease, PARAF

food proteins : protéines alimentaires, PARAF

foodstuff, commodity : denrée alimentaire, VAN EGMOND

foreign material : corps étranger, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

fortified milk : lait enrichi, AGARWAL

fragmentation, GC/MS, breaking up of molecules during ionization in source, distinctive fragmentation patterns for isobutane or pentane chemical ionization : fragmentation; n.f.; action de fragmenter des molécules, SMITH & UDSETH

fresh solvent : solvent preparé recemment, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

front panel keypad GC : tableau de contrôle CG, VARIAN

full-scale deflection : pleine échelle, McCARTHY

fume hood : hotte; n.f., VARIAN

fungal : fongique, PARAF

gasket : obturateur de joint, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

gas-tight syringe : seringue étanche au gaz, McCARTHY

Gaussian replot : courbe gaussienne, HEWLETT-PACKARD

gelling property : propriété gélifiante, PARAF

glycolysis, the enzyme-catalysed breakdown of a carbohydrate in a cell, by way of phosphate derivatives, to produce pyruvic acid or lactic acid and energy in the form of high-energy phosphate bonds of ATP : glycolyse, PARAF

glycosylation, process by which sugars are added to proteins to form glycoproteins, PARAF

gradient elution : élution graduée ; sciences du pétrole (MOUREAU & BRACE), HADDEN & ZAMARONI

gradient system, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

gross lot, batch consisting of 144 items, VARIAN

grounded, earthed : à la masse, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

ground loop : circuit de masse, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

guard column : ?colonne de garde, AGARWAL

guideline level, VAN EGMOND

hand-tightened : serré à la main, VARIAN

harm : effet nocif; méfait, VAN EGMOND

hazard, source of danger or harmful effects : danger; aléa, VAN EGMOND

hazard analysis, hazard assessment : évaluation des dangers, VAN EGMOND

hazard evaluation, VAN EGMOND

heat-denatured : dénaturé par la chaleur, PARAF

hepatocarcinogenicity, VAN EGMOND

high performance liquid chromatography, HPLC : chromatographie liquide à haute performance, McCARTHY

high performance thin-layer chromatography, HPTLC : chromatographie liquide sur couche mince, McCARTHY

high pressure system : système à haute pression, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

holographic grating, diffraction grating : réseau, HEWLETT-PACKARD

home position vial : flacon du position de départ, VARIAN

hot needle time : temps d'attente et de chauffe, VARIAN

hybridoma, prepared by combining rat spleen cells with non-secreting myeloma cells : hybridome; population de cellules hybrides, PARAF

hydrophobic : hydrophobe, PARAF

hypersensitivity, subject to...immune response occurring in an exaggereated form, CMA is a hypersensitivity reaction..., reactions are classified into four major types according to their speed and mechanisms involved : ?hypersensibilité, PARAF

hypokalaemia : hypokaliémie, McCARTHY

immune response : réponse du système immunitaire, PARAF

immune response system : système immunitaire, PARAF

immuno-assay, immunoassay : analyse immunologique; dosage immunologique; immuno-analyse, PARAF

immunochemical analysis, immuno-assay : analyse immunochimique; dosage immunochimique, PARAF

immunoglobulin E, IgE, a class of antibodies which triggers anaphylactic reactions when presented with an antigen, present at very low levels in serum, PARAF

immunoglobulin G, IgG, the major serum antibody, making up 75% of the total, responsible forthe majority of secondary immune responses, PARAF

immunoglobulin M, IgM, usually the first antibody to be produced during an immune response;its pentameric structure endows it with many antigen-binding sites, PARAF

improper gradient : gradient incorrect, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

incident light intensity, HEWLETT-PACKARD

inert face : interface non-active, VARIAN

infant formula, AGARWAL

infusion, continuous slow introduction of a solution (by drip), especially into a vein, McCARTHY

injection, recovery, AGARWAL

injection rate : vitesse d'injection, VARIAN

injector, HPLC & GC/MS, apparatus used to introduce sample into HPLC or GC column, vaporizing injector, non-vaporizing injector (VARIAN), variable loop injector, splitless injector,  (SMITH & UDSETH); In the pentane experiments, an 0.2 ?l injector without a splitter... mounted on a water-cooled jacket... was used for sample introduction (SMITH & UDSETH), cf. syringe pump : injecteur; n.m.; pompe à injection

inlet line : entrée, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

instalation : mise en place, VARIAN

integrated seal, VARIAN

integrator, AGARWAL

interface, GC/MS, link permitting transmission of sample from the high pressure of the chromatographic column to the high vacuum of the mass spectrometer source, in a SFC/MS interface, the restrictor must separate the ion source from the GC column, heated probe, restrictor : interface; n.f.; dispositif de liaison entre la colonne chromatographique en phase gazeuse et la source d'un spectromètre de masse; restricteur, ROACH et al., 1989

interferences, AGARWAL

interfering peak : ?pic interférant/parasite, AGARWAL

internal diameter, I.D.: diamètre interne, Ø, AGARWAL

internally-machined glass vial, sample receptacle with conical internal construction : flacon de verre standardisé, usiné conique à l'intérieur, VARIAN

internal standard, I.S. : standard interne, McCARTHY

intra-assay precision, within-sample analytical error, coefficient of variance (CV) expressed as percentage of the mean : répétabilité, McCARTHY

ion-exchange resin : résine echangeuse d'ions, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

ionic modifier, perchloric acid, McCARTHY

ion-pair liquid-liquid extraction, McCARTHY

ion profile, GC/MS, plot showing variation of selected mass/charge ratio intensities with time of elution, reconstructed from full mass spectral scans, total ion current profile : ?profil d'élution en spectromètie de masse; l.m., SMITH & UDSETH

isomerization, reaction bringing about change from one isomeric form to another, positional isomer : isomérisation; n.f.; transformation d'un corps chimique en l'un de ses isomères (MOUREAU & BRACE), AGARWAL

jeopardize : pérécliter, VAN EGMOND

kappa-casein, PARAF

kwashiorkor : syndrome de dénutrition infantile; forme grave de carence en protéines frappant le plus fréquemment les jeunes enfants, VAN EGMOND

label direction, manufacturer's instructions, AGARWAL

labelling : désignation, VARIAN

labile, chemistry, readily undergoing chemical breakdown or physical change, thermally labile, cf. unstable, stable, metastable : instable; adj.; qui est sujet à changer (ROBERT); instable à la chauffe; labile; peu stable; cf. fixe; cf. métastable, SMITH & UDSETH

Lambert-Beer Law, absorption spectrophotometry : loi de Lambert-Beer, HEWLETT-PACKARD

lamp starter : démarreur, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

LC cleanup system : systéme de nettoyage de la chromatographie liquide, AGARWAL

light ?pattern : spectre, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

limit of confirmation of identity, VAN EGMOND

limit of detection : seuil de détection, McCARTHY

limit of determination, detection limit, VAN EGMOND

lint, type of raw cotton fibre, used in soft tissue paper : papier de cellulose, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

lipid-rich, PARAF

liquid chromatography, LC : chromatographie liquide; l.f., AGARWAL

liquid end, liquid chromatography HADDEN & ZAMARONI : tête de pompe; l.f.

lyase, any of a group of enzymes that catalyse reactions, or their reversal, in which a double bond is removing a chemical group from the molecule by a process other than hydrolysis, decarboxylase, citric lyase, PARAF

lysis, process of disintegration or breakdown (e.g. of cells), can be effected by centrifugation and ultrasonication : lyse; n.f., PARAF

lysozyme, PARAF

Maillard reaction, reactions between proteins and reducing sugars result in non-enzymatic glycosylation : réaction de Maillard, PARAF

maintenance : entretien

manifold, chemical apparatus with lateral outlet for connecting up different lines, solid-phase extraction columns are prepared by washing with various solutions using a manifold : collecteur, McCARTHY

mass storage unit : unité de stockage, HEWLETT-PACKARD
maximal treatment, high doses of oral ß1-agonists, inhaled steroids and broncodilators, McCARTHY

maximum permitted level, maximum permissable dose : dose maximale admissible; DMA, (CILF), VAN EGMOND

maximum tolerated level : niveau maximum tolérable, VAN EGMOND

menu item, VARIAN

mesophilic bacteria, aerobic mesophilic contaminants : bactéries mésophiles; microorganismes aérobies mésophiles, M.A.M.(MICHARD), PARAF

milk-based : à base de lait, AGARWAL

molar adsorption coefficient : coefficient d'absorption molaire, HEWLETT-PACKARD

monitoring : suivi, PARAF

monoclonal antibody, MAb, belonging to homogeneous group all of the same specificity produced by a single clone, produced by hybridomas : anticorps monoclonal (-aux), PARAF

mycotoxin, patulin, ochratoxin A, deoxynivalenol, zearalenone, T-2 toxin,chetomin, stachybotryotoxin, phomopsin : mycotoxine; n.f.; toxine produite par un champignon, VAN EGMOND

native conformation : conformation d'origine, PARAF

needle residence time, length of time the needle remains in the injector after the sample has been expelled from the injector, injection time + hot needle time = total residence time; temps de résidence de l'aiguille, VARIAN

non-enzymatic glycosylation : glycosylation non-enzymatique, PARAF

non-secreting myeloma cells, PARAF

normal-phase LC : ?chromatographie liquide en phase normale, AGARWAL

normal-phase LC system, AGARWAL

off-line evaluation, HEWLETT-PACKARD

on-line, adj. : en continu; en permanence, HEWLETT-PACKARD

organic amine modifier, McCARTHY

outlet line : sortie, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

overloaded column : colonne surchargée, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

particulates : matière particulaire, VARIAN

partition, v.intr., physical chemistry, to redistribute a component between different phases, molecules which do not readily partition into organic solvents, extraction : partager;; répartir, McCARTHY

peak, apex : pic, HEWLETT-PACKARD

peak detector, HEWLETT-PACKARD

peak height : amplitude du pic, AGARWAL

peak tailing : étalement du pic, McCARTHY

pentameric : pentamérique, PARAF

percentile, VAN EGMOND

pick-up : récupération, VARIAN

plasma, liquid part of blood, lymph or milk as distinguished from suspended material (e.g. cells or fat globules), serum : plasme; liquide produit par décantation du sang après coagulation; sérum, McCARTHY

plugging; AutoSampler : bloquage; chromatographie liquide; colmatage

polarity switch, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

polar molecule : molécule polaire; l.m., McCARTHY

polyclonal antibody, belonging to heterogeneous population of antibodies with different specificities produced from many clones, PARAF

poor peak shape : pic mal formé, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

positional isomer, chemistry, one of a set of compounds which share the same molecular formula but which differ in structural arrangement, isomerization : isomère de position; l.m.; un composé, groupement ou ion qui présente des variations de structure (formule développeé); se dit ...des corps constitués de mêmes éléments, ayant la même formule brute et le même poids moleculaire, mais une formule développée différente (MOUREAU & BRACE)

pounds per square inch, psi, 1 pound-force per square inch = 6.895 x 1,000 Pa, 1 standard atmosphere (1.013 x 100,000 Pa) = 14.69 psi, VARIAN

precolumn : précolonne, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

pressuring : mise sous pression, VARIAN

previtamin D, conversion of vitamin D to previtamin D, AGARWAL

prism mounting, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

protonation, McCARTHY

pump, syringe pump : pompe; n.f.; pompe à injection, AGARWAL ; cf. injecteur

quality control : assurance qualité, PARAF

quantitate (?), more properly, to quantify : quantifier, AGARWAL

quantitation  (?), measurement, more properly termed "quantification", quantitative analysis : mesure quantitative, AGARWAL

quantitative conversion, AGARWAL

quantitative LC, AGARWAL

quart, qt, unit of liquid measure (2 pints) = 1.136 litres (U.K.), U.S. quart = 0.946 litre, IU/quart, AGARWAL

raise against, MAb raised against the pure proteins, PARAF

rationale, rational basis : fondement raisonné; approche ou argument qui justifie une décision (ou règlementation), VAN EGMOND

raw-data buffer, HEWLETT-PACKARD

reaction mixture : mélange réactionnel, AGARWAL


reagent grade, l.adj. : qualité pour utilisation comme réactif chimique, AGARWAL

reconnect (to), HADDEN & ZAMARONI

record : enregistrement, HEWLETT-PACKARD

recorder gain, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

reducing sugars : sucres réducteurs, PARAF

reference cell, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

reference electrode : électrode de référence, McCARTHY

regenerate, column not regenerated after gradient elution, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

regulation : réglementation, VAN EGMOND

release : libération, PARAF

rentention time : temps de rétention, AGARWAL

repeating mechanism : système automatique de pipettage, McCARTHY

resolution : résolution, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

restriction, obstacle causing constriction of flow : restriction; étranglement, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

restrictor, GC/MS, part of interface between GC capillary column and MS source, sample and carrier pass through the resistively heated mass spectrometer probe to the restrictor, (SMITH & UDSETH), heat must be added to the restrictor to assist in vaporization of the effluent, (ROACH et al., 1989), made of narrow-bore capillary tubing or porous polymer frit, a restrictor is required at the end of the capillary column to maintain SFC conditions throughout the column,  (ROACH et al., 1989), supercritical fluid chromatography : restricteur; n.m.; étranglement; dispositif qui provoque la nébulisation du fluide supercritique à l'entrée de la source, SMITH & UDSETH

retention : rétention, PARAF

reverse-phase LC : CL en phase inverse, AGARWAL

reverse-phase LC system, AGARWAL

risk, public health, probability of disease or death of individuals exposed to hazard : risque, VAN EGMOND

risk assessment, VAN EGMOND

risk factors, VAN EGMOND

safe intake, VAN EGMOND

salbutamol, McCARTHY

sample cell, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

sample loop, AGARWAL

sample tube, AGARWAL

sample volume, volume drawn from the vial, the portion of the solvent flush syringe load that constitutes the vial sample, VARIAN

sandwich ELISA, PARAF

saponification : saponification, AGARWAL

saponify : saponifier; on saponifie la graisse, AGARWAL

scan : balayage, HEWLETT-PACKARD

screening method, PARAF

selectivity : sélectivité; n.f., AGARWAL

sensitivity : sensibilité; n.f., AGARWAL

septum : septum, VARIAN

sequence homology, PARAF

sequential solvent wash, VARIAN

serum, watery portion of an animal fluid remaining after coagulation (curdling or clotting), blood serum, serum globulin : sérum; n.m.; sérum sanguin ou sérum du sang, sérum-globuline, PARAF

shutter : obturateur, HEWLETT-PACKARD

side port, VARIAN

signal lead, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

signal-to-noise ratio : rapport signal/bruit, HEWLETT-PACKARD

solid phase extraction, SFE : extraction en phase solide, McCARTHY

solute concentration, HEWLETT-PACKARD

solute focusing, VARIAN

solution, stock solution, intermediate solution, working standard solution : solution mère, AGARWAL

solvation, chemistry, conversion into a complex ion ...formed by the chemical or physical combination of a solute ion or molecule with a solvent molecule (modified from LONGMAN), utilize the selective solvating power of the supercritical fluids, solvating power is the capacity of a solvent to associate with the solute molecules : solvatisation; n.f.; association de molécules d'un corps dissous avec son solvent (MOUREAU & BRACE); solvatation (d'un colloïde) (HARRAP'S), SMITH & UDSETH

solvent, LC grade hexane, methanol, acetonitrile, ethyl acetate, chloroform, AGARWAL

solvent flush : cycle de rinçage par solvant, VARIAN

solvent plug : solvant servant à pousser l'échantillon, VARIAN

solvent plug size, size of the solvent plug portion of the solvent flush syringe load, VARIAN

soy-based : à la base de soya, AGARWAL

specificity : spécificité, PARAF

spectrum, UV/VIS spectrophotometry, absorbance as a function of wavelength, HEWLETT-PACKARD

spike, spikes on recorder baseline : saut (parasite éléctrique), HADDEN & ZAMARONI

spike (to), use this solution for spiking samples : marquer, AGARWAL

spleen : rate, PARAF

splitter, GC/MS, part of the sample introduction system : diviseur; n.m., SMITH & UDSETH

stainless steel, stainless steel tubing : acier inoxydable, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

standard deviation, S.D., McCARTHY

static reference, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

steric hindering, steric hindrance : empêchement stérique, McCARTHY

strip, solvent stripping water from column : entraîner, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

strongly retained compound : composé fortement retenu, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

structural formula, chemistry, cf. empirical formula : formule chimique structurale ; l.f.; formule de constitution (MOUREAU & BRACE); formule developpée (HARRAP'S); cf. formule brute, starting record 01/04/94

subchronic intake, VAN EGMOND

sulphophenylpropyl bonded silica, SCX, type of phase used in solid-phase extraction columns for HPLC, McCARTHY

supercritical fluid chromatography, SFC, analytical organic chemistry, analytical method which uses a mobile phase with the solvating power of a liquid and the diffusivity and viscosity of a gas to chromatograph non-volatile or thermally labile compounds (ROACH et al., 1989), capillary-column SFC, direct fluid injection : chromatographie à fluide supercritique; l.f.; injection directe du fluide, SMITH & UDSETH

syringe, basic LC, inject liquid by means of syringe : introduire un [grand] volume de solvant [par seringue]; l.v., HADDEN & ZAMARONI

syringe barrel, VARIAN

syringe injection valve, AGARWAL

syringe plunger, VARIAN

syringe pump, apparatus used to raise the pressure of the liquid carrier to the required value in direct supercritical fluid injection mass spectrometry, pressure regulated high pressure syringe pump(SMITH & UDSETH); cf. injector : pompe à injection; l.f.; pompe à injection haute pression ; cf.injecteur

tachycardia : tachycardie, McCARTHY

target-specific epitope, PARAF

terbutaline, McCARTHY

TFE laminated silicone rubber septa, VARIAN

thermal processing, thermal treatment : traitement thermique, PARAF

thermoresistant : thermostable, PARAF

threshold level, VAN EGMOND

time interval, time step : pas, HEWLETT-PACKARD

time sampling start : retardement du démarrage, VARIAN

tolerable daily intake : dose journalière admissible, VAN EGMOND

transfer line, GC/MS, tubing between injector and restrictor, leads from injector to gas chromatograph oven and through into the mass spectrometer probe, restrictor : ligne de transfert; n.f.; tubulure qui relie l'injecteur avec la source du spéctromètre; restricteur, SMITH & UDSETH

transmitted light intensity, HEWLETT-PACKARD

tremor, McCARTHY

trial and error : échec et essai, VARIAN

trichothecene, organic chemistry, generic term for a family of mycotoxins, T-2 toxin, diacetoxyscirpenol,  (SMITH & UDSETH), deoxynivalenol, roridin A,  (ROACH et al., 1989), mycotoxin; trichothecène; n.m.; terme générique pour un groupe de mycotoxines; T-2 toxine; mycotoxine, SMITH & UDSETH

troubleshooting : dépannage, diagnostique entretien, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

turnaround time : durée du cycle, VARIAN

two-phase system : système biphasé; système à deux phases, VARIAN

ultraviolet photometer, uv photometer, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

upper air gap, top air gap : bulle d'air supérieure, VARIAN

upslope, shoulder or rise to peak, HEWLETT-PACKARD

variable wavelength detector, AGARWAL

venting, VARIAN

vial, standard 2 mL vial with screw cap : fiole; n.f., VARIAN

vial needle depth, the depth which the needle reaches in the vial : pénétration, VARIAN

viscosity, measured in centipoises (Cp) : viscosité, VARIAN

vitamin D2, ergocalciferol, AGARWAL

vitamin D3, cholecalciferol, AGARWAL

vitamins D2 + D3, total vitamin D, AGARWAL

volatility, VARIAN

vortex mixer, Bronwill vortex mixer, AGARWAL

wash out, flush : rincer, HADDEN & ZAMARONI

waste arm, VARIAN

waste cup, VARIAN

wavelength calibration, HEWLETT-PACKARD

whey, serum fitrate from milk : petit lait; sérum de lait, PARAF

whey protein : protéine de sérum lactique, PARAF

yeast strain : souche de levure, PARAF

yield : rendement; n.m., AGARWAL

zero, vtr & vi : remettre à zéro (vtr), revenir

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