"Petrogenetic study of the  glaucophane schists and associated rocks from the  Ile de Groix, Brittany, France". (271 pp., submitted Nov. 1976).
glaucophanic eclogite                           Isoclinal folds in epidote-banded glaucophane schist

SUPERVISOR : Dr J.D. Bell, Department of Earth Sciences, Parks Road, OX1 3PR OXFORD.

This work presents the results of a petrographic, mineralogical and geochemical study on one of the few known occurrences of  blueschist facies metamorphic rocks in the Variscan belt of Western Europe.The  geochronological results have been published in "Nature" ( see Carpenter and Civetta, 1976), while the trace element geochemistry of the metabasic rocks has been used to characterize the tectonic environment of the protoliths (see Bernard-Griffiths et al.., 1986).

 see abstract extracted from thesis


The topic was to investigate the  geochemistry of variously metamorphosed basic igneous rocks from the Armorican Massif, France. The aim was to determine the tectonic environments of the protoliths and, ultimately, to characterize the source-regions involved in their magma genesis. The results of this study have been published in Carpenter et al. (1982), Bernard-Griffiths et al. (1986) and appear in various conference abstracts.

From Jan. 1979, an analytical programme was undertaken in collaboration with Dr A. Cocherie to obtain REE data on granitic rocks from South  Brittany. This work has led to the publication of a paper on the petrogenesis of Ordovician  trondhjemites (see Cocherie and Carpenter, 1979).


Geologist/Geochemist in the Marine Chemistry Group at the  Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Wormley, UK. While working in this post, I was responsible for the day-to-day management and development of an X-ray analytical facility used to characterize the mineral and chemical composition of working in this post, I was responsible for the day-to-day management and development of an X-ray analytical facility used to characterize the mineral and chemical composition of  deep-sea sediments. The work was carried out to meet the demands of a research contract commissioned by the Department of the Environment on the ocean disposal of high-level radioactive waste. Sediment cores were sampled during oceanographic cruises, and the results of detailed laboratory analysis were interpreted in the light of pore-water and Th-230 activity profiles (see published results in CARPENTER et al., 1983; THOMSON et al., 1984; BOUST et al., 1988).


Quantitative analysis of major and trace elements by  X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry and Flame Atomic Absorption).

Mineral separation techniques, thin-section petrography and determination of optical properties.  Electron microprobe microanalysis using wavelength-dispersive and energy-dispersive systems.

X-Ray Diffraction methods for identification and semi-quantitative analysis of minerals.

Chromatographic separation of  rare earth elements. Themal Ionization  Mass Spectrometry using isotope dilution techniques.

Research and development on sample preparation procedures, enhancement of XRF analytical protocol and setting up of on-line data processing with dedicated software. Management of in-house facility for sediment analysis with statistical treatment of results and quality assurance.

Experienced micro-computer (IBM-compatible PC) user with knowledge of scientific programming (PASCAL), word processing (WORDPERFECT and WORD) and terminological database management systems (TERMEX).


Member of Oxford University Geological Expeditions to Finnmark, N. Norway (1970 and 1971). Experience in field survey techniques, photogeology and sedimentology.

Demonstrator in undergraduate practical classes at Department of Geology and Mineralogy, Oxford University (1972-1975).

Participation on oceanographic cruises of the R.R.S. "Discovery" to Nares Abyssal Plain and East Pacific (1980). Experience with deep-sea sediment coring, descriptive logging and microscope studies of mineralogy and micropalaeontology.

Training and management responsibilities: supervision of laboratory assistant in analytical work, data processing and routine machine maintenance; ordering of supplies and report writing (1980-1982).

Beneficiary of business enterprise allowance scheme in France (1990). Expertise in scientific and technical translation; for scientific and technical journals, government research laboratories and commercial clients.

English style editor working for for "European Journal of Mineralogy".

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